[Chicago] Graphing libraries

Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at dustycloud.org
Fri Jan 16 21:09:09 CET 2009

Garrett Smith <g at rrett.us.com> writes:

> ----- "Christopher Allan Webber" <cwebber at dustycloud.org> wrote:
>> Hot damn.  I haven't tried it yet, but those graphs are *sexy*.
>> "Kevin Harriss" <special.kevin at gmail.com> writes:
>>> I have heard a lot of good things about CairoPlot[1].
> I'm actually thinking about moving the graphing function out to the client using Flash. There are some compelling benefits all around -- in particular, the client handles the load, which turns out to be non-trivial at even moderate scale on the server.
> And you like sexy, Flash can create stuff that's downright nasty slinky.

I like sexy, but I don't like proprietary, crappy flash. :(

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