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Sounds interesting but unfortunately I can't make it. And beyond the very basic stuff I described in my talk, I haven't gotten much farther in developing PyS60 applications. I've come to realize that while PyS60 has amazing integration with the S60 platform, the S60 platform isn't a very good smartphone platform. However, I think S60 devices have all the features that are needed for this research project, along with probably the most friendly development experience of any mobile device currently on the market.

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Carl and I are driving to Ann Arbor for this. Would anyone like to
carpool with us?

See below for the 'maybe we can get some external "speakers"?
there could be
somebody giving an intro of PyS60)' bullet point, and if anyone has
already done some python on Android I'm sure they'd be excited to hear
about it.

(why I'm going: I've been chatting with them to volunteer programming

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according to Rayoung's scheduling efforts a good time for this event
would be next week Wednesday, January 28 between 1 and 6pm. If you have
any objections, speak up now!

By then I hope we will hopefully:
* have done our first steps with Python for Symbian
* have conducted the first interviews
* looked at a bunch of other systems
* an EECS 498 Android team
* developed a lot of questions for each other

What we will do is still in flux, but this is some stuff I had in mind:
* clarify questions to the other groups
* streamline organizational things
* brainstorm ideas
* share knowledge & ideas
* get to know EVERYBODY involved with Talking-Points
* maybe we can get some external "speakers"? (e.g. there could be
somebody giving an intro of PyS60)
* as I said people will be free to come and go whenever they want/need
* invite the blind community
* invite other interested fellow students
* be creative
* have fun

So please start spreading the word, details will follow. And please let
me know your ideas about what you would like to do, eat, drink, ...


PS: the TP Google calendar seems to have been deleted by accident. I
have recreated it and shared it with you again. If you can't see it or
have any problems, let me know. Please add any TP relevant event
including meetings and interviews to that calendar, so team members know
what's going on.
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