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A new group is starting up in chicago

This is *Google Technology User Group* meeting; *developers*, *students* and
*entrepreneurs* are welcome. This is the first such meeting in Chicago -- it
is loaded with interesting information, it is big, it is ambitious, don't
miss it.

Thanks to courtesy of *Google Inc.* we will meet at their facility at *20 W.
Kinzie, Chicago.*

We will have a lot of short 15 minute presentations to stimulate the ideas
and raise questions after which you will be able to talk to the speaker and
Google employee about what sparked your interests.

The theme of this meeting is:

*"Google tools to jump-start your next idea into a social networking

We hope you will walk out of this meeting super-charged to create the next
big thing, and that this group will become an incubator for a lot of new
ventures in Chicago land area.


5:15 PM - Uki D. Lucas (Chicago-GTUG.com <http://chicago-gtug.com/>):
- Introduction

5:30 PM - Gregory Kick (Google.com)
- GData, Guice, Google collections

5:45 PM - Nathan Ingersoll (Google.com)
- project hosting on Google Code

6:00 PM - Jordan Beck (Revere Group)
- GWT and Google AppEngine
- Photo Carousel example Widget

6:15 PM - David Wolverton (Revere Group)
- Facebook for Google Web Toolkit

6:30 PM - Trevor Skaife (Revere Group)
- Maven2 dependencies with Google Web Toolkit

6:45 PM  - David Wolverton (Revere Group)
- Google Friend Connect for Google Web Toolkit

7:00 PM - David Lo (Revere Group)
- Building mobile applications with Android

7:15 PM - Phil Wodarczyk (Revere Group)
- Building application with iPhone (cool bonus presentation)

7:30 PM - 8:00 PM
- Questions and Answers

We will start at 5 PM, but we want to allow 15 minutes for people to arrive
and mingle a bit.

The overhead projector, drinks (maybe beer) and snacks will be provided.

We still have openings for guest speakers (Social Networking, Google
Technology, success stories, etc.), please contact UkiDLucas at mac.com

Follow the news and create a buzz on Twitter by including
#Chicago-GTUG<http://twitter.com/#search?q=Chicago-GTUG>in your posts.

Register for FREE and invite your friends:

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