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Just an FYI and response to my email in March.

To answer the question "which workflow software for me.....?"

The solution to the workflow software was ...... TRAC

Here is what we needed:
1. system supporting attachments (xmlrpc plugin for trac)
2. something which takes a fax, and turns it into a pdf (hylafax +
tiff2pdf + pyPDF to extract information like Subject, faxed date, and
fax number)
3. Initial stuff coming in would be 'new'.  After looking at
something, you could assign it to the right group, who could then look
at it, and process/reassign it as necessary.  It is kinda the same
workflow as typical ticket systems.
4. Q: Well,,bug trucking system would be an overkill???. We are talking about
moving files around from one folder to another folder. 1mb x 500 * 365 days
So in a week we are talking about 3500 bugs?
A: someone has to read each of the 3,500 files? I think a request tracker
is actually a good fit.
5. Added 2 custom fields for out ( xyz number, and abc number ) for
easy searching/indexing('new' folder needs to be index by users )
6. Additionally, using a ticket system would cause the following side
effects (which you described as things needed here or earlier):
- Maintain status: New, Open, In Progress, etc.  I imagine you could
create status types as necessary.
- Maintain information of who does what.
- Maintain comments by people processing the request (if necessary).
- Maintain group information, sending to groups, processing of the
same request by many people in a group.
- Maintain access restrictions between different data from different users.
- Maintain very lengthy history without serious defects.
7.Created SQL reports so we can trac who, how many are open, how many
came in, how many closed, still opened after 15 days, ....
8. milestone = Departments (stages in processing)
   version = "state we are doing business in"
 component = "some special category like Second Request"
abc_number, xyz_number for fast indexing and integration with other systems.

So even do I initially was looking for a Document Management
Software/workflow software, it seems as TRAC was a best fit. The key
was to concentrate on the process and not where the data is coming
from. As soon as the process was figured out everything just fell into
proper place.

A month later (since the start) and 17,000 tickets in the system (at
least 17000 pages less to print) we are going strong! Fast, stable and


On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 8:01 AM,
curtin at computer.org<curtin1060 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi Lucas,
> Did you get any response to this? If you get anything can you either summarize to the group, or send me a copy of your summary?
> Thanks,
> Craig
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> Hello,
> Does anybody know of a good workflow software? I need a software that
> can take incoming pdfs (from 50-500 a day) and distribute them to
> individual users or groups. If its sent to a group then it needs to
> manage the files in that queue, until they are processed or sent
> somewhere else. Would be nice of it allow for lables (to do, need more
> information, etc)
> Any ideas, links, free or not, python?
> Thanks,
> Lucas
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