[Chicago] Hot Topics in Technology Panel Debate w/ Martin Fowler.

Josh Cronemeyer joshuacronemeyer at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 23:18:58 CEST 2009

Sorry for the spam.  I thought some of you might be interested.  Whenever
Martin Fowler is in town I usually try to see what he has to say.  The topic
seems pretty vague, but I expect to hear some interesting stuff.  Plus it is
a free lunch.
 You can RSVP here: http://connect.thoughtworks.com/hottechtopics/

Here is the summary from the website.


 ThoughtWorks technical leaders from around the world are gathering in
Chicago to debate the hottest topics in our industry.  We are opening up a
slot in their agenda so you can join the fun and discuss the trends that we
believe are shaping a new paradigm for how IT delivers value to business
stakeholders and society.

   *Panelists will include:*

      *Martin Fowler*<http://connect.thoughtworks.com/g/?BRAOL76Y63:KDTA9ERG3T=contactID:0,ssID:0,email:,clicksrc:>
Chief Scientist & Author
      * **Rebecca
* * | Chief Technology Officer
     *  **Ian Cartwright*<http://connect.thoughtworks.com/g/?BRAOL76Y63:EC7KS1SBZ3=contactID:0,ssID:0,email:,clicksrc:>
Enterprise Architect
       *Erik Doernenburg*<http://connect.thoughtworks.com/g/?BRAOL76Y63:GOXWY32Q3P=contactID:0,ssID:0,email:,clicksrc:>
Enterprise Architect
     *  **Neal Ford*<http://connect.thoughtworks.com/g/?BRAOL76Y63:WUR63QLCYQ=contactID:0,ssID:0,email:,clicksrc:>
* ** *| Software Architect | Meme Wrangler
      * **Pramod
Principal Consultant & Author
      * **Josh Graham*<http://connect.thoughtworks.com/g/?BRAOL76Y63:EX8JI7ORFP=contactID:0,ssID:0,email:,clicksrc:>
Enterprise Architect

*Date & Time*

*Wednesday, June 10, 2009*
11:30 AM Light Lunch & Social
12:00 PM Panel Debate
01:00 PM Q&A


*ThoughtWorks | Chicago*
Aon Building
200 E Randolph Street
25th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601
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