[Chicago] July 9 ChiPy

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Wed Jun 24 16:51:34 CEST 2009

James Snyder - PyMite (this time for sure!)
http://www.pythononachip.org "a significant subset of the Python
language on microcontrollers without an OS."
PyMite ligntning talk at PyCon09 http://carlfk.blip.tv/file/1996853/
"lets Python run in a BILLION new places."

And a special guest via the intertubes: Dean Hall, the lead PyMite
developer:  "July 9th is open for me and I'd be interested in
virtual-attending and helping out with Q&A."    Exactly how that
happens is to be determined.

Daniel Griffin - couchdb and or sqlalchemy stuff.   If you have any
desire to hear about one or the other of these, chime in now before
Dan nails down what he is talking about.   Dan, let us know once you
are done nailing.

And more giveaways!  Some shirts, brains, Learning Python 3rd Edition
(2.25 lbs), Python coffee mug and the return of the box of CDs
containing 821K Learning Python 4E Chapter 10 and 26.pdf 821K "Unicode
and Binary Data, String Changes in 3.0"  - you do get a nice CD sleeve
that you can put something important in.  (I apologize to anyone who
took one of these thinking it was the whole book.)

Last month people showed of how much they knew about Python, which now
that I think about it is exactly the wrong way to pick who gets a
"Learning Python" book.  So whats a good way to give out a dozen

Carl K

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