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Most people seemed more interested in Couch so I can do that, but I think
SQLAlchemy would probably be more useful. I still leave it up to everyone
else to decide.
CouchDB would consist of:
-what it is
- how you use it
-what it excels at
-what it sucks at
- problems with the project/why you shouldn't use this yet

SQLAlchemy would consist of:
- super brief intro to querying and such
- dealing with sessions while using threads
- how to use SQLAlchemy without wanting to die
- how to set up relations
- pitfalls


On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 9:51 AM, Carl Karsten <carl at personnelware.com>wrote:

> James Snyder - PyMite (this time for sure!)
> http://www.pythononachip.org "a significant subset of the Python
> language on microcontrollers without an OS."
> PyMite ligntning talk at PyCon09 http://carlfk.blip.tv/file/1996853/
> "lets Python run in a BILLION new places."
> And a special guest via the intertubes: Dean Hall, the lead PyMite
> developer:  "July 9th is open for me and I'd be interested in
> virtual-attending and helping out with Q&A."    Exactly how that
> happens is to be determined.
> Daniel Griffin - couchdb and or sqlalchemy stuff.   If you have any
> desire to hear about one or the other of these, chime in now before
> Dan nails down what he is talking about.   Dan, let us know once you
> are done nailing.
> And more giveaways!  Some shirts, brains, Learning Python 3rd Edition
> (2.25 lbs), Python coffee mug and the return of the box of CDs
> containing 821K Learning Python 4E Chapter 10 and 26.pdf 821K "Unicode
> and Binary Data, String Changes in 3.0"  - you do get a nice CD sleeve
> that you can put something important in.  (I apologize to anyone who
> took one of these thinking it was the whole book.)
> Last month people showed of how much they knew about Python, which now
> that I think about it is exactly the wrong way to pick who gets a
> "Learning Python" book.  So whats a good way to give out a dozen
> prizes?
> --
> Carl K
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