[Chicago] IDEs

Garrett Smith g at rrett.us.com
Tue Jun 30 20:45:04 CEST 2009

----- "Brian Ray" <bray at sent.com> wrote:
> On Jun 30, 2009, at 11:20 AM, Allan Spale wrote:
>> +1 for Eclipse (desktop editing)
>> +1 for Emacs (remote editing)
>> I would be curious to know if there is a nice open source GUI  
>> builder for Python (regardless of widget toolkit) that is not buggy.
>> Eclipse integration would be very nice.
> I am not sure if you looked it wxPython at all. But it also has some 
> GUI builders that generate code or uses mozilla-ish xml to dynamically  
> build gui. I used wxWidgets for some commercial products so it really 
> is not buggy if you know what your doing; however, it was the C++  
> interface. Moving to the Python wx from there made life really easy. 
> If I would have gone straight to wxPython I think I would have gotten  
> extremely frustrated (as many do) because the API does not really read
> that easily.  QT is also really nice.
> Concerning IDE's
> +1 Komodo
> +1 VIM
> I also tried Netbeans Python Beta recently which did a really good job
> at some stuff; although, I unsure about how well the debugger works.  
> I just did not have enough time to play around with it.

I do a lot of work on headless servers (no GUI), so I'm pretty much
limited to either Emacs or VIM, or develop on the desktop and move JAR
files around the network (pain) in to use Eclipse (which, IMO, has
become an outstanding IDE over the years).

I've been using VIM, but Emacs is the clear editor of choice for Erlang
development, which I'm doing more of. And since Emacs has pretty deep
support for everything else, I'm gonna make the switch.

We'll see how the Java stuff goes. As far as Python, the basic
python-mode is already an improvement over what I was using in VIM.

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