[Chicago] Fwd: March meeting

Garrett Smith g at rrett.us.com
Thu Mar 5 20:24:32 CET 2009

----- "Brian Ray" <bray at sent.com> wrote:
> I propose we take Massimo up on his offer to host for March

As much as I love a good debate with Brian, I agree with him that
venue variety is good for Chipy. In particular, if someone is generous
enough to offer a space, we should tend to accept as a matter of
politeness -- even if the space isn't "optimal".

And if someone is generous enough to extend a permanent home to
Chipy -- complete with mahogany bar, personal chef and service
elevators -- I'd still favor moving it week to week. I think that
approach has yielded a complementary stream of attendee and speaker
variety that we'd have missed had we stayed in one place.

And for those of you, like me, who are apprehensive about not having a
bar at hand -- you can get serviceable flasks at Binny's for $1.99.
Seriously -- $1.99!

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