[Chicago] Fwd: March meeting

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Thu Mar 5 23:11:39 CET 2009

Ted Pollari wrote:
> On Mar 5, 2009, at 11:50 AM, Carl Karsten wrote:
>> I have been attending another group that has a similar demographic to 
>> chipy. they make a point of not moving the meeting around.  The fact 
>> that no one has to put any effort into "where is the meeting?" (both 
>> securing a venue, and figuring out where to attend) seems like a plus.
> Then ChiPy's long standing habit of moving around brings good balance to 
> your life...
> More importantly, however, rarely has it seemed like we were really 
> having to work extra hard for a place to hold the meeting,

That's because someone else works extra hard so you don't have to.  It's a pain 
in the ass.

> so the above 
> objection doesn't seem that weighty.  Additionally, by moving it around, 
> you give more people and businesses the chance to host -- some 
> companies, particularly those with interests in recruiting, may see this 
> as a plus, when they're hiring (so admittedly, not right now for 
> most)... and that's a plus for ChiPy members as well in all sorts of 
> obvious ways.

It is way more to the advantage of the company than the average member.
Those business are welcome to come and feed us.  I beg you to give any sort of 
stats to backup the gain to the attendee.

in this case, we are talking about DePaul, so I don't see the relevance.

> Moving the meeting has worked well for years and I think there's little 
> need to mess with what's not broken. 

We missed a meeting once because we couldn't find a place.  that;s broken.

  I certainly hope Sully's is a
> frequent location as it sounds good, but as I said, if it ain't 
> broken[1], don't try to fix it.

You haven't been there, and yet you argue against it.  guess you like to debate 
too.  we should form a debate club.  At Sully's.

> [1] By most measures, beyond Carl's objections, it's not really all that 
> broken.  We rarely have to fight to get a venue, most venues work well.  
> Some venues create their own draws, i.e.: Google and apparently, Sully's 
> -- but if you insist on sticking with one you'll potentially miss the 
> draw of the others which may not overlap 100%.

Google has draw becuase it has e-brand recognition and high geek cred or 
something.  I think that's the only venue that draws attendees.  We could of 
course ask at the meeting: how many of you are here because it was at DePaul?

Carl K

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