[Chicago] How did you learn Python?

Tim Ottinger tottinge at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 15:44:53 CET 2009

James Snyder wrote:
> This discussion makes me curious about something though...
> 1. How many people here started as self-taught Pythonistas vs. 
> learning it from some sort of course/workshop/guided instruction?
Self taught and worked with people who were self-taught.
> 2. Regardless of how you got started, have you taken some 
> instruction?  Was it useful/helpful?
Watched/read online mostly.  I like the module-of-the-week stuff, and 
used to follow some
of the mailing lists.  Not so much now, because info overload eats my 
brain.  Have downloaded
pdf books on web programming and even read some of each.   Started 
teaching my kid using
Snake Wrangling for Kids.

> 3. Did any of the educational institutions you went to offer any 
> python-related classes?
Nope, but my last time in school as a student (other than a couple of 
theology night-school
classes) was 1982.

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