[Chicago] Venue Option: UIC Innovation Center

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Mar 13 19:41:02 CET 2009

Brian Ray wrote:
> Thanks for all those who came out last night. To those who missed, worry 
> not, we will be somewhere next month for an even better meeting.
> UIC has stepped up to host a future ChiPy meeting.  They are offering 
> their Innovation Center (requires advanced booking) where Flourish was 
> held last year.

B - last night I think I said ITT, but it's really:

Tech Nexus, 200 S. Wacker Drive. 15th floor.

Nice room, nice screen.  "it's better if you bring your own projector."  (no 
clue what that means, other than "bring a projector."

Bringing in food and drinks (like an ice chest) is ok.  I would rather be at 
Sully's, but if we meet somewhere else, I won't hate you.

Carl K

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