[Chicago] Fwd: [pyatl] Moving From Python 2 to Python 3 and Addison-Wesley contest

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Tue Nov 24 08:36:21 CET 2009

Good morning, everyone!

As part of the promotion of Mark Summerfield's second edition of
"Programming in Python 3", Addison-Wesley is also releasing "Moving
>From Python 2 to Python 3", a PDF cheat-sheet for Python 2 programmers
wishing to start developing using Python 3. It lists names and idioms
that have changed between the versions, showing how to change your
code from Python 2-style to Python 3.1-style.

You can download the cheat-sheet, as well as enter a contest open
exclusively to user group members for the chance to win one of five
“Python prize packs”.  If you're interested go to:


And make sure to fill in the user group field with PyATL^wChiPy!


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