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I think many of your audience will find the event below interesting. I hope
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Marc Temkin
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A meeting sponsored by the
Loyola University Computer Science Department
Speaker:  Maria Klawe  (ACM Distinguished Speaker)
"Serious Games" 
Tuesday, Oct 27, 2009
4:00 - 5:30 pm
Lake Shore Campus

Life Sciences Building Auditorium (Room LSB-142)

(Northwest Corner of N. Kenmore and W. Sheridan)

Admission: Free (General Admission, No Reserved Seats) However, Please RSVP
on the Chicago ACM website (chicagoacm.org) for this event to best help our
group with upcoming joint ACM/Loyola University events

Ever since video games first invaded pinball arcades, there has been a
parallel development in creating games for job training and education. These
serious games use the same graphics, audio, and game design players expect
in games like Warcraft, the Sims and Half-Life. But in these games players
reach new levels during military training, while learning mathematics and
exploring the sciences. And funds for developers come from the government,
military, research foundations and commercial investors.

This talk describes a variety of current serious game projects including
Senior Prom, a version of Dance Dance Revolution for elders, and web-based
math games for K-12.

About the Speaker

Maria Klawe is President of Harvey Mudd College (2006) and former Dean of
Engineering at Princeton University.

She has made significant contributions to functional analysis, discrete
mathematics, and theoretical computer science in her work at IBM Research
and academia. Her current interests include interactive and multimedia
interfaces in mathematics education, serious games and assistive

She has led research studies, projects and served on boards to further her
lifelong passion to increase the participation of women and other
under-represented groups in science, engineering and especially computer

Maria has been President of ACM, Trustee of the Mathematical Sciences
Research Institute at Berkeley, and has been a member of the boards of Math
for America, CRA-W and Microsoft. She is an ACM Fellow, a PhD in Mathematics
from the Univ. of Alberta and has been awarded several honorary doctorates.

Addtional information: An article about Maria Klawe


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