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Khristine Anderson khristine at klanderson.com
Tue Oct 6 21:48:51 CEST 2009

UI Engineer - Philadelphia, PA

I am a recruiter seeking stellar UI Engineers for a great company located in
Philadelphia, PA.

This exciting company offers unique benefits such as equity for all core
engineers, free food (all meals), drinks, medical, dental and generous

All UI engineers...
Bring UI mockups to life using HTML and Javascript (mostly jQuery)
Work closely with the entire engineering team building the core ad-serving
and optimization platform
Are given problems to solve, not solutions invented by someone else
Pick what features they want to do from a product backlog (and also add
their own...)

All candidates should have...
A degree in Computer Science or related field
3+ years HTML + Javascript
3+ years OO design and implementation
2+ years Python, Ruby, PHP, or other language used in Web Development
1+ years Javascript
Experience with Subversion
A love for clean and maintainable code
A love for learning and tinkering with new things

The ideal candidate should have experience with...
jQuery, Dojo, mooTools, or other commonly used javascript frameworks
Django, Pylons, webapp, web2py, TurboGears, or other Python web frameworks
Git, Mercurial, or other source management tools
Contributing to open source software projects
Amazon Web Services (mainly S3)
Lots and lots of APIs (both writing and using)
Startups and the fast paced environments they bring with them

To apply for a position, please email recruiting at klanderson.com with:
-your resume
-salary requirement or history
-relocation considerations (if any)
-work authorization (i.e. green card holder, H1B, citizen, etc)
-two or three sentence cover note stating why you are ideal for this

Best regards,

Khristine Anderson
KLAnderson & Assoc.
khristine at klanderson.com

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