[Chicago] OT? Maybe? Fwd: Next Meeting - Oc. 28th from 5 to 8pm

Samir Faci samir at esamir.com
Wed Oct 21 18:40:31 CEST 2009

I'm not sure if this would be OT or not..  technically the android
platform has a python dev environment you can use to access their API
and do all sorts of fancy things with.  (
http://code.google.com/p/android-scripting/  )

But just an fyi for anyone that is interested.

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Hello my beloved Androids!

As you probably now, if you have been paying attention, our next
meeting is coming soon (just over 7 days). As has been usual lately,
we will be hosting along with Chi. Gtug, and below are some details on
what you can expect.  Space is (very!) limited, so make sure to sign
up if you have not done it already:


I am personally very excited about Eric's talk, all of you have
probably been curious of what the heck is Moto up to by providing yet
another Dev Environment.  So, this is your great chance to learn more
about the additional features that have been build on top of what
already is a pretty nice product.

I will see you there!!

Roberto C. Serrano

PS> Feel free to promote the event... and Thank you!


This the 4th conference and the second part of the Android group
presentation organized by Roberto Serrano in coordination with Chicago
GTUG's Uki D. Lucas.

Possible topics:

5:30 pm: Chris McAvoy (Chicago Phython Group)
- Amazon Cloud Web Services
6:00 pm: Eric Cloninger (Motorola - lead in the Motodev Studio Project)
"Introduction to Motodev Studio development environment for Android"
6:40 pm: social break
6:45 Uki D. Lucas
- How Social Media can benefit your business? No nonsense approach
7:15 pm: social break
7:30 pm:  Richard Li
- Samsung's Android phone with a cube UI:
- How to do color based picking in OpenGL
- How to fire up an Android application based on a 3D event
- Google NDK with support of native OpenGL ES programming
- 3D animation with OpenGL ES on Android

There will be bagels and soft drinks provided by Uki (sorry beer is
not allowed this time).

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