[Chicago] Python (and some other) news on the web

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Mon Sep 28 23:21:09 CEST 2009

PyPy has some early results from their JIT - looking good!


His solution seems to be all Ruby, but I'm all over his complaints
about CSS lacking DRYness.  Really, really lacking...


Ever find yourself choosing between open source RDBMs?  This may help:


...okay, where did the other Python-related item go to?  Weren't there
two of those?  Well, while I'm rummaging about, amuse yourselves...

Scary: you're never more than 145 miles away from a Big Mac in the
continental US!


Ah, here we are.  Come join us on IRC and ask feihong about it - he
keeps mentioning argparse.  :-)


Cooking may have been a necessary step in the evolution of humans.  Who


The phenomenon of financial excess associated with
promising novel technologies is a recurring feature
of the last two centuries.  -- Andrew Odlyzko

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