[Chicago] separate mailing list for consultants/contractors/freelancers?

Chad Glendenin chad at glendenin.com
Thu Apr 1 01:07:25 CEST 2010

There was a brief discussion about this idea at the last ChiPy
meeting... Would anybody be interested in a separate mailing list for
people who do consulting, contracting, and other kinds of technical
freelance or entrepreneurial work? The idea is that it would be open,
so it wouldn't be a place to discuss sensitive/private things like
rates or clients, but it would be a place to talk about stuff like
which tools to use, and best practices, and things like that. Things
that independent Python developers might be interested in, but would
be off-topic for ChiPy itself. It should also be relevant beyond
Python users (freelance PHP and Rails developers come to mind). For
example, is FreshBooks or Harvest a better invoicing tool? What do you
use for accounting? How do you keep track of your income or your
business expenses?

If such a list already exists, please let me know (I didn't find
anything with a basic Google search).

Also, feel free to contact me privately, because, as I said, it's
related to Python but still mostly off-topic for ChiPy.


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