[Chicago] HPC in the Cloud

James Sams sams.james at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 16:57:31 CEST 2010

Using 'the cloud' (which cloud?) as a cluster/HPC service came up at last 
night's meeting, and I mentioned, rather vaguely, that Amazon has come up with 
a product to provide that service. While I have no experience with this, I 
thought I'd follow up with more specifics. An HPC EC2 instance is called a 
Cluster Compute Instance (CCI). I know latency was a question some people had: 
It uses 10 GigE instead of InfiniBand, but its performance is still quite good. 
880 instances (7040 cores) clocked in at 41.82 TFLOPS, which would put it at 
146 or so on the TOP500 list. However, I haven't seen any mention of GPU 
access. Here are a few articles on the specifics of what is (and is not) being 
offered, and a link to amazon's page.

James Sams
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