[Chicago] Sanity Check

Peter Fein pfein at pobox.com
Thu Dec 2 18:03:42 CET 2010

On 12/02/2010 08:35 AM, Jason Huggins wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 9:59 AM, Peter Fein<pfein at pobox.com>  wrote:
>> Hmm, sounds like a case for consulting or a small apps shop...
> If you don't like "dancing", don't go the consulting route either. Ask
> any professional (like lawyers) about the phrases "dog and pony show"
> and "beauty contest". It'll be an eye-opening conversation. I think
> it's a universal truth of human behavior: if someone has money, and
> you want them to give the money to you, they'll probably make you
> dance for it, first.

Three cheers for late-stage industrial capitalism! Let's all treat each 
other like shit because the guy with the bigger wallet up the line did 
too... I think I outgrew that sometime in second grade.

And there's nothing universal about it, though it's certainly dominant 
in America. I prefer "handshake capitalism", the kind you'll find at 
your local bike shop or farmer's market.

Anyone who wants a top-notch Python coder with four times the experience 
of everyone else you're seeing, you know where to find me. You can keep 
your massages, your car washes and your ball pit, just treat me decently.

> It appears the 37signals got it right... The only way you can get away
> saying "Forget you!" to anyone and everyone all the time (even your
> customers!) is to run your own small apps shop. Of course, that app
> has to be so rocking that the number of people who think you're a dick
> is outweighed by the number of people who are willing to give you
> money.

Sounds better and better all the time... now where's that idea notebook at?


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