[Chicago] Flourish 2011 - Call for Speakers

Joel Luellwitz joel at flourishconf.com
Fri Dec 10 04:09:16 CET 2010


Below is a request for speakers for the Flourish Free (Libre) Open
Source Software conference that the students at the University of
Illinois at Chicago (UIC) put on every year.

I should also mention that we are also in need of people who are
passionate about open source software or open culture to help us run
this event.  Please contact me directly if you are interested.  It is
a great way to give back to open source without actually coding.

Thank you,
Joel Luellwitz


Now in its fifth year, the Flourish Conference promotes the use and
adoption of Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) by demonstrating
the practical applications of FLOSS for business, academia and the
enthusiast community.
Through engaging talks and in-depth workshops, Flourish introduces
participants to new concepts and ideas, gives them the opportunity
(re)connect with the local open-source community, and provides a forum
for healthy debate.  More information is available at

Flourish 2011 will be held on April 1st-3rd at the University of
Illinois at Chicago.


The Flourish organizers are now accepting speaker proposals for Flourish 2011.

There are principally two types of talks: presentations and workshops.

Presentations are typically an hour long (incl. Q&A) and discuss
open-source-related matters of technical, community, or industry
importance.  Past presentations have been fairly high-level and
tackled a diverse array
of topics--from kernel hacking and programming languages to
community/project management and women in open source. Note that, if
we get a lot of proposals for a particular topic, we may opt to build
a panel

Workshops are usually three hours long and explore a particular topic
in an intensive, hands-on environment. In the past, Flourish has
offered workshops in Android, Websphere, Erlang, Processing, Plone and
Drupal. The organizers provide all the necessary connectivity.

So, do you have expertise to share? Please fill out the Flourish 2011
Speaker Proposal form located here:

Questions?  Please contact info at flourishconf.com.

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