[Chicago] I bricked my G1, help me get to PyCon

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Wed Feb 10 20:09:19 CET 2010

I just baked my G1 - left it sitting on a heater till the smoke alarm went off:


I hear everyone at the event last weekend got a Droid, so there should
be a bunch of you with old G1s laying around begging for a good home.

I was planing to be there, but I am in the middle of packing for
PyCon (where I will be doing video in 8 rooms) and moving out of my
house after 15 years of collecting crap.  here is the load of P2's and
CRTs I took to the electronics disposal place:


I have a Blackberry I would be happy to trade.  No clue why
anyone would want to make that trade :)

It is the t-mob one that works with the @home wifi service:

I am driving to PyCon - leaving Sat or Sun.  If anyone wants a ride..
I'll enjoy the company.  and it will be handy to have a co-pilot given
I currently have no GPS and have become spoiled by G1's navigation.

Carl K

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