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Thats pretty exciting. I also noticed that SQLAlchemy is claiming close to
100% compatibility with Jython.

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 9:09 PM, Tal Liron <tal.liron at threecrickets.com>wrote:

> Hey ChiPy,
> As some of you know, I'm much involved in that exciting realm between
> Python and the JVM. Here's news on some things I've been working on that
> might be of interest you. I'd be happy to speak about any of them in
> upcoming meetings, and even happier to enlist your help in these open-source
> efforts.
> *1. Jython - embedded progress; ctypes coming!*
> I've mostly been working on getting embedded Jython working properly, and
> there's been terrific progress there. An ongoing challenge right now is to
> get it playing nicely with other JVM languages, notably JRuby. Everybody
> involved (Nicholas Reily and Wayne Meissner) is willing to make it work, and
> the future is bright.
> In the meantime, you may be happy to know that initial ctypes support has
> been merged into Jython trunk. This will make Jython compatible with more
> Python libraries.
> *2. Jygments - a Java port of Pygments*
> I'm sure many of you are familiar with Pygments, a widely-used Python tool
> that colors syntax of a many computing languages, and exports to many
> formats. I've been working on a Java port/rewrite, lovingly and ridiculously
> named Jygments. It's been a good exercise in just how different the
> languages are in the real world, despite academic similarities.
> In the midst, I've been working with Goerg Brandl, Pygments creator, on a
> common interchange format for language lexers. It's essentially an extension
> of JSON to allow for Python-style regular expressions -- I call it REJSON.
> The format is thus very similar to how Pygments lexers are stored now, but
> is more language-agnostic. The goal is to create a repository of lexers that
> would work with Pygments, Jygments, and possibly other future ports.
> Jygments is still at an early stage, feature incomplete, but already lexes
> a few languages well. By the way, it performs much better than Pygments!
> http://jygments.tigris.org/
> *3. SQLAlchemy dialect for H2*
> H2 is one of my favorite database servers. It has about the same footprint
> and performance characteristics as SQLite, but supports more features and
> configurations, offering better scalability. In addition to embedded mode,
> it runs as a standalone server, and even in clustered mode. It even contains
> a great web admin tool.
> I've been working on getting SQLAlchemy to support H2, and my prototype
> runs well enough. My primary goal is to support embedded mode, only useful
> for Jython/zxJDBC configurations. But, it may be possible to support the
> standalone server from other Python implementations.
> http://www.h2database.com/
> That's it for now!
> -Tal
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