[Chicago] An item that may be of interest to group members

Jonathan Tonkin tonkinjs at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 20 10:05:25 CEST 2010

>From Greg Neumarke, Secretary of the Chicago Chapter ACM: 

"The Chicago Chapter of the ACM is having a Summer planning meeting.

Please come if you are interested in shaping the future of the Chicago Chapter, volunteering in any way, or submitting your name to run for one of the 4 elected council positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer)

We intend to meet around 6:30pm in the evening at a location in the Ogilvy/Union Station area, on a day in the last week of July that works best for most of us. 

To that end, please complete this survey about what dates you are available to attend.


We will decide on the final date quickly and send out another missive with specifics.

Thanks for your continuing interest in the Chicago Chapter of the ACM!"

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