[Chicago] DreamPie

Michael Urman murman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 14:58:13 CET 2010

On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 19:47, Carl Karsten <cfkarsten at gmail.com> wrote:
> um.. it is at sf.net, not lp...

And the Report a Bug link on the sourceforge page goes to launchpad.
Perhaps lp doesn't let you create a pretty landing page?

>> After installation, the shortcut didn't work on my Windows machine.
>> This appears to be due to a space in my python install path (not
>> exactly recommended by the python community
> I encourage this behavior - it is how bugs get found, which is how
> bugs get fixed.

Me too; that's why I do it. I'm a fan of following the local
platform's standards - I imagine python would get a lot of grief if it
installed itself to /bin or /python by default on unix platforms.

But then I go and report the bug unofficially so it gets lost and
nobody benefits.

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