[Chicago] Erlang resources

Garrett Smith g at rre.tt
Fri Mar 12 18:10:36 CET 2010

Great talks last night! Really impressive how so much quality content
came together so quickly!

For those interested in learning more about Erlang, a couple of good resources:


This is a local group that meets roughly once a month. There's always
beer and interesting topics. There's a good mix of seasoned Erlang
developers and folks just looking to learn more. Good stuff.


Obviously the language site. The two books listed on the front page
are pretty much the standard two that people read to get up to speed.
I highly recommend both, but if you're limited to one, I personally
turn to the OReilly book more often. The online docs are good for
reference material, but not so good as starting points for learning.

For those starting, I'd recommend this course (though naturally
everyone learns differently, just my take):

1. Get one or two books, read through and play around with coding samples, etc.

2. Define a problem that you find interesting and that you think
Erlang might work well for (chat server, game, simple web app, etc.)

3. Use either the Chicago mailing list or the mail Erlang questions
list for help and definitely come to a CEUG meeting and ask questions
to help move your project along

Happy learning!


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