[Chicago] Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day - March 24

Tim Saylor tim.saylor at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 18:53:23 CET 2010

Pumping Station One <http://www.pumpingstationone.org/> is celebrating Ada
Lovelace day on March 24th with a number of computing activities, including
a beginners programming class in Python and an obfuscated code competition
for more advanced programmers.  The full description is below.  It's sure to
be a lot of fun, come check it out!


Ada Lovelace (world's first computer programmer), computer programming, and
all contributions to science by women is being celebrated on this Wednesday,
March 24 at 8pm at PS1.

We decided to do this at the very last minute (Saturday, really).

There will likely be:
* A beginners' programming class using the easy-to-learn computer language
called Python
* People discussing Ada Lovelace and women's contribution to science and
* An obfuscated code competition - - calculate Bernoulli's numbers
* Whatever else we can scrounge up at the very last moment!
* Drinking afterward!

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell all those people you feel meh
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