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it will make your brain hurt, in a good way...

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When: Thursdays, April 8th & 22nd, 8pm
Where: PS:One, 3354 N. Elston

Like an artifact from an alien civilization–or is it from the
future?–Haskell fascinates and confounds. Is it good? Is it evil? What
does it want from us? PS:One member Robert Lee has investigated its
mysteries, cut the Gordian knot of deep mathematese that surrounds
Haskell, and emerged with near-mystical coding powers. He comes to
share his newfound wisdom with the coder masses.

He has scheduled his first two classes in April. There will be more
afterward, to be scheduled. Bring your laptop. Before we start, he
recommends installing GHC and spending some time with Learn You a
Haskell For Great Good. This will not be an introduction to
programming–you probably need some proficiency with basic programming
concepts. If you know what recursion is, you’re probably solid.

He promises you will merely gain familiarity with cutting edge
techniques in functional programming. Haskell is not madness-inducing.
You may go mad, but if you do, it will have nothing to do with this

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