[Chicago] Template Document

Samir Faci samir at esamir.com
Tue Nov 2 18:09:57 CET 2010

I.  Rant

Okay.. so.. my work is currently driving me a bit crazy with reports...

daily, weekly, monthly.... and starting to feel like I should have a
staring role with Office Space (well, there is a Samir in that movie

So.. I started a minor little pet project to encourage my laziness in
not keeping track of my time.

I basically setup an identi.ca server, and I tweet what I'm working
on... and it generates a report saying

 * task 1
 * task 2

  * task 1
  * task 2

which is all working fine.  Right now, I want to build a bit more
intelligence into it, and I was looking for some suggestions.

1. Question 1

I don't want to statically define what the report should look like, so
I was looking for some form of already existing (ideally) or simple
too that would allow a user to define a document template

and have it define where certain data goes.....

I could probably write a very simple one on my own.. just wondering if
there was any pre-existing technology / standard that I should look


  *  <Task> <Delta>
  * <Task>  <Delta>

<Date>, <Project>, <Task>

allowing the user to format his report anyway he wants without having
to touch the code....

Okay.. so did that make sense?  Let me know if I need to clarify
something... concept is still somewhat vague... but essentially I want
to build a tool to not have to deal with TPS reprots anymore.

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