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Benjamin Trofatter bentrofatter at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 04:36:57 CET 2010

I brought this up kind of late at last week's meeting, so I figured I'd post
it to the list.

I've got 8 Dell PowerEdge 1750 1U rackmount servers with cords and rails up
for grabs.  Here are the original specs straight from the Dell service page:

1661HPPrinted Wiring Assembly CD-INTRPSR, Sabre2C3040Processor, 80532K,
3.2GHZ, 1M 533, Magneto Optical Drive1J3014PRINTED WIRING ASSY..., Planar,
PowerEdge 1750 SV, Dell, 5331M1662Power Supply, 320 Watts
Wiring Assembly Interface, Backplane, 1X3, PE1650MSI14D175Cord, Power, 125V,
10 Feet, 2TO1, SJT...1M1662Power Supply, 320 Watts Redundant49U175Dual
In-Line Memory Module, 1G, 266M, 128X72, 8K184, 1U10R397Compact Diskette
Drive, 650M, I Internal, THIRD HEIGHT..., 24X, Black, TEAC...1X0356Assembly,
Printed Wiring Assembly, Riser, 1750, 2X64/133, MSI19Y700Floppy Drive,
1.44M, 3.5" FORM FACTOR..., TH Bezel, TEAC...1Y0229Printed Wiring Assy,
ControllerPE1750, Raid On Mother Board MSI
No drives, but I've got the hot swap trays.  I'd like to get these things
out of the house as they take up a lot of room and I'm not doing anything
with them.  I'm also not looking for much: $175/machine.  Brian Curtin
suggested they might be useful for testing builds of CPython by someone (I'm
forgetting who), and I'd be delighted to have them used by someone active in
the community.

Let me know if you're interested.

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