[Chicago] [ANN] ChiPy October Monthly Meeting this Thursday

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Mon Oct 11 22:25:45 CEST 2010

Chicago Python User Group

Save the date for the ``awesomest`` Chicago Python user group meeting

This Thursday we will hear from the creator of Prudence on Advanced
Caching techniques. http://threecrickets.com/prudence/ Prudence is an
open source Scalable REST/JVM Web Development platform. This is *NOT*
just another web development framework! It actually embraces the JVM
with some Jepp support (yep that is CPython on the JVM). Non blocking
I/O, the most amazing caching system ever. no database layer, example
uses SQLAlchemy but other have even used NOSQL MongoDB.

Next, be sure to turn **ON** your cellphones .... we will get to hack an
Android phone with the supported Python scripting language. 

Finally, the ChiPy list has been bringing Python developers out of the
woodwork in the North suburbs. Let's make ChiPy even more accessible by
starting a North branch of ChiPy. We already have several sponsor,
hosting requests... hopefully, we can bring some leaders downtown for a
special planning meeting.

Food / Beer sponsor is Imaginary Landscape http://www.imagescape.com/. 
Thanks ITA for hosting. Wheeee this will be great.

If even a small chance you will come, please RSVP and voice your pizza

This will be the best meeting ever.


Thursday, October 14th, 7pm.  


 * Advanced Caching with Prudence -- Tal Liron 
 * Python on Android -- Ross Heflin
 * Open Discussion / Planning for New **ChiPy - North** Special Interest



  Illinois Technology Association (ITA)
  200 S. Wacker Drive
  15th Floor
  Chicago, IL 60606

Metra: exit on Adams St, walk East across the bridge, door on the right
at the corner of Wacker on your right.

About the group
ChiPy is made up of people of all levels of programming and Python
knowledge. At every meeting we have had both beginning programmers,
people who are just starting to use Python, as well as experienced
Python programmers. Don't be intimidated about coming to a meeting.

Note that ChiPy is not a formal organization. We collect no dues,
elect no officers, and keep no roster. Signing up for the mailing list
carries no obligation. Nor does showing up at the meetings. Nor, at
least so far, does anything else we have done, although we always
appreciate it when our presenters show up. (They usually do!)


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