[Chicago] Python Job in Chicago

Terry Peppers peppers at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 18:55:01 CEST 2010

Dear Chipy List,

I'm fairly certain that this conforms to the job posting
specifications of the list. It's a Python job and it's in Chicago. If
you or anyone you know if interested in this gig, or if you have
questions about it. Please let me know (off list, of course). You can
also email the addresses below for more information or if you're


- t.


Leapfrog Online is looking for web developers who want to work with
Python, Django and other open source technologies to build complex web
applications. We offer competitive salaries and benefits and a
close-knit team who like what they do. If you enjoy collaborating with
both business and technical experts to solve interesting problems,
you’re our kind of programmer and we’d like to talk to you.

What we’re looking for in particular:

* We look for real-world experience using Python frameworks (Django,
WSGI middleware) to build high-traffic web sites and applications.
Experience with other languages, particularly Ruby and JavaScript, is

* While we don’t expect any graphic design skills from our
programmers, they should be comfortable in the world of HTML, CSS and

* You should have a love of testing and test-driven development. You
should know how to write standard unit tests in Python and use testing
tools like Nose.

* We expect our programmers to have a thorough understanding of common
web application concepts and technologies, such as HTTP, SSL, XML and
associated technologies, content management concepts, public-key
cryptography, application and data security and privacy issues, and
basic TCP/IP networking.

* Big plusses: Experience producing and consuming web services (SOAP,
REST, XML-RPC); experience working with message-oriented systems (AMQP
or other message, pub-sub and task queues); an interest in non-RDBMS
data stores (CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis); knowing what it really means to
develop RESTful applications; experience with functional and
declarative programming models in addition to object-oriented

* We expect our programmers to have non-trivial experience with any
SQL-based RDBMS (PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server experience is
especially useful) in the form of writing efficient queries and
executing them via programming language interfaces.

* We like programmers who have experience with Agile methodologies
(Scrum in particular) and pragmatic engineering practices like
test-driven development, object-oriented design, refactoring, DRY
design, the YAGNI ethic, version control systems (Mercurial and
Subversion in particular), continuous integration, pair programming,
and doing code reviews.

* We’d prefer a bachelor’s degree and/or 3-5 years experience relating
to web-based software development using open source technologies. We
expect our programmers to be able to present their ideas and
demonstrate their work to technical and non-technical audiences in
writing and in person. We will want to see code samples.

EMAIL your résumé, which must include salary history, to
techposition at leapfrogonline.com

To see all of our open positions at Leapfrog Online, please visit

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