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Congrats on putting together the North Chapter. I feel some sense of sparking the lurkers out there to come together, even though this wasn't my thread  ( ha , ha )
I'm up for buying libations and pizza again for one of the meetings up north. Just let me know what works?


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Good news for you chipmunks
(http://chipy.org/whybrianthinksachipmonkisagoodmaskot) in the
Northern suburbs.

Last night, ChiPy members spoke openly about the possibility of
holding a "North" meeting in the "Downtown" meeting. ChiPy has spoken
and the outcome: we want to help run a North meeting, same mailing
list, same wiki, and same group--at least for now. Yes you can attend
both; Yes you can attend either; Yes you can attend neither and just
watch the video; Yes this will be the best meeting ever. Simply, we
want to hold a "North" meeting one week after the "Downtown" meeting.

It is this simple:

* 2nd Thursday of every month, Chipy meets Downtown. No change here
* 3rd Thursday of every month, Chipy meets up North **new**

So, here is the secret to ChiPy success. We are one of the most
successful user groups ever. Having a strong language helps. Also,
consistence of meeting times, location aware philosophies, great
presentations, and beer. (Side note: The beer is not really that
important and probably actually hinders our ability to
concentrate--but be it as it will, facial hair and beer do often cross
the path of ChiPy members time and time again. Just an observation.)
I have always not-allowed meetings outside of Chicago. In fact, I
prefer they are as central as possible. Meanwhile, I want them to move
around as much as possible without falling out of the reasonable
boundaries. Public accessibility and such are always important. I am
bending to the point where I really think it will be in Chicago's best
interest to have two ChiPy meetings to serve those who want to get
involved but can't due to logistical problems.

While "North" meeting will be the best ever, we should also set up
some guidelines. It will always be on the proposed date. And since it
is largely ambiguous what is meant when once says "North" Suburbs, I
think we need to consider all areas within the green portion of this
map http://www.wildonions.org/InteractiveMap/NorthernSuburbs_Chicago.jpg
North. In other words, anyone/everyone is welcome to attend, but the
goal is for the Host to be as center within the green area on this map
as possible. Dean's location will fit, and so will Textura, so will
..... again, this is going to be great. We need as much help (yes you,
mr/mrs north suburbanite python sponsor, host, speakers, and members
.... contribute).

I propose Nov 18 for the first ChiPy North meeting. Can I get a +1 ??
Can Dean host? Who wants to present? Who wants to organize?

BTW, I use the term 'organize' loosely here. As you all know, we are
just in time compiled usually. But on some occasion it will be each
and everyone's duty to keep this thing going--you made it this far
through my rather lengthy announcement. Now we have two meetings.

Cheers Chipmunks,

Brian Ray
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