[Chicago] Meet Twiggy

John Jacobsen john at mail.npxdesigns.com
Tue Oct 19 15:07:16 CEST 2010

Very nice, Pete -- I hope you'll consider maintaining 2.x support since many of us will be there for some time to come... sorry Chicago has lost you, at least for now.


> Hi from the left coast-
> This weekend I released a new version of Twiggy, my Pythonic logger:
> http://blog.wearpants.org/meet-twiggy
> http://twiggy.wearpants.org/
> I gave a talk at ChiPy in April about it: http://carlfk.blip.tv/file/3551150/ It's come quite a ways since then, thanks in part to the feedback and encouragement I received at that meeting.  Thanks!  I hope you find it useful and beautiful.

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