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I'm actively recruiting for this position, and thought I would post here
and see if anyone might be interested.



Enterprise Systems Management Engineer


6-12 month contract




*	The online business Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) Engineer
is responsible for developing, implementing, testing, documenting,
deploying, and maintaining the components of the Enterprise Systems
Management infrastructure.  
*	The ESM infrastructure is used by the online business
Operations, Engineering and Software Development teams, for the
day-to-day operation of the online business' web sites.  
*	The components include applications and utilities for systems,
network and application monitoring; problem management; configuration
management and change control; log analysis; security and event
*	In addition to participating in the ongoing development and
upgrade of the technical systems monitoring and management capabilities,
the ESM Engineer will also assist in enhancing the overall
organizational management capabilities by facilitating ongoing knowledge
transfer and information sharing activities.


*	Responsible for the product lifecycle management of the ESM
infrastructure and tools as well as the integration of management tools
and the correlation of events from various technology disciplines
including systems, networks, database and application development.
*	Build-out the new systems management toolset enabling system,
network and application monitoring and management; capacity and
performance management; configuration management and problem management.
*	Leveraging a combination of open-source, proprietary software
and custom development, to deliver new and enhanced monitoring
*	Partner with the Operations, Infrastructure Engineering,
Application Support, DBAs, and Software Engineering teams to develop,
implement and maintain the Systems Management strategy, tools and
*	Work with teams from other technology disciplines to assist in
the development of a support model to ensure alerts are properly
escalated and consistently forwarded to the correct support groups.
*	Develop and maintain the associated systems management processes
and procedures, including: collecting, analyzing and disseminating
operational metrics; establishing and maintaining SOPs; performing event
*	Provide technical assistance for ESM systems management tools.  
*	Participate in ESM 24x7 on-call rotation for support and problem
*	Assist in the support the overall monitoring and management
environments (server, network, storage, database and application
infrastructure) ensuring accuracy, availability and responsiveness. 
*	Design and develop monitoring thresholds and custom alerts and
response scripts. 
*	Develop, maintain and report relevant monitoring metrics
capturing customer relevant issues.
*	Establish and follow a structured methodology for implementing
system changes, configuration modifications and application upgrades. 


Required Skills:

*	Extensive experience developing applications in Python. 


Desired Skills:

*	Experience developing monitoring applications leveraging
scripting languages (Bash, Korn, etc.) or higher level programming
*	Some software development experience in Perl, Java and/or C/C++.
*	Extensive experience implementing and maintaining both open
source and proprietary network monitoring tools such as Net-SNMP,
OpenNMS, Zabbix, HPOV, BMC, etc.  
*	Experience with SNMP, including MIB development and
implementation is required.
*	Significant experience developing methods and procedures. 
*	Strong documentation skills.  

*	Experience implementing, developing and configuring tools that
monitor database platforms, UNIX servers, IP networks and
mission-critical systems.
*	3-5 years experience in UNIX / Linux administration and
installation of systems and applications software. 
*	Various levels of experience with the technologies typically
associated with modern large scale internet sites, including: web
servers, application servers, Java, NAS/SAN, relational databases, etc.

*	Knowledge and experience in the administration and operations of
large scale distributed computing environments. 
*	Experience with standard system Operations methods and
*	Prior hosting experience a plus
*	Familiarity with network architecture, protocols and services,
including: switches, load balancers, firewalls, routing, TCP, UDP,
*	System implementation and automation experience with multiple
technologies required. 


Would you be interested in exploring this opportunity ?



Steve Riess; Sr Recruiter

Nu-Way Search, Inc

sriess at virtuallyhired.com 

847.726.8444  x2201 office

847.867.7530 mobile after 5 PM


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