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Just saw this on a forum I frequent and thought I'd pass it along. Brian,
should make sure the Sprint doesn't conflict with this. I will probably try
to go to this but am not otherwise affiliated with the event or any of its

-- james

Random Hacks of Kindness is hosting a hacking event on December 4th and 5th,
> 2010 and is extending an invitation to all hackers, programmers and
> tech-savvy do-gooders to participate in a weekend of developing software
> solutions to disaster risk challenges. Random Hacks of Kindness is a
> collaborative initiative of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and the World Bank,
> who have joined forces in the name of the greater good. If you are located
> in Chicago, NYC, Atlanta (or in one of the international hackathon
> locations), please come out and share your skills and expertise in "hacking
> for humanity."
> More info below:
> Random Hacks of Kindness #2 – “Hacking for Humanity” Worldwide
> Random Hacks of Kindness is gearing up for RHoK #2—its second global hack
> day —on December 4th and 5th, 2010.
> RHoK engages the best and the brightest volunteer software engineers,
> developers, independent hackers and students from around the world in a
> marathon hacking weekend to develop software solutions for global challenges
> posed by experts in disaster risk management. RHoK is platform agnostic and
> encourages the development of open source software solutions.
> The very first RHoK event, RHoK #0, in Mountain View, California in 2009,
> produced software solutions that were used on the ground during the
> devastating 2010 earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. The incredible team of
> partners behind the initiative then took the effort global and collaborated
> with organizations around the world in hosting RHoK #1, RHoK’s first global
> hack day, with simultaneous locations in Washington D.C., Nairobi, Sydney,
> Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Santiago and Porto Alegre, Brazil. These global hacking
> teams produced incredible software solutions, some of which have already
> been picked up and are being piloted or put to use by governments and
> organizations working with crisis management in the field.
> RHoK #2 will involve simultaneous hack days in Chicago, Bangalore, Nairobi,
> Sao Paulo, Aarhus, Atlanta, New York City, Toronto, Mexico City, Lusaka and
> Berlin, and that’s just the beginning.
> Participation in RHoK #2 is open to everyone so bring your laptop and get
> ready for an incredible experience. Meals, cooperative workspace and plenty
> of prizes and RHoK swag will be provided. Bring your friends or come to make
> new ones. Registration is open and free so sign up today and take part in an
> exciting collaboration that has the power to save lives and make a
> difference in the world. We can’t wait to see you there!
> For more details or to register for any of the global events, please visit
> http://www.rhok.org/events/rhok-2/.
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