[Chicago] PS:One is holding an ITLAP party!

eli skipp synthet at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 20:20:46 CEST 2010

Hello like-minded Chicago folk, PS:One is having an International Talk Like
a Pirate Day Party to which we'd like to extend an invitation!:

AVAST ME HEARTIES! Belay that talk of a boring Saturday night, the good ship
Pumping Station: One is offering fair quarter for jack tars and landlubbers
alike on Saturday September 18th. Join us in splicing the mainbrace (a
colloquialism for downing some ale) on the eve of International Talk Like a
Pirate Day. Down ye some grog and eat ye some grub, come away with proper
booty, and party like yer going on the account.

Bring yer own rum, or donate your dubloons. Eye-patches provided, costumes
encouraged. Festivities begin at two hours past sundown (9:00 p.m.). Fair

Examples of pirate styles accepted:

   - Sea Pirates
   - Space Pirates
   - Somalian Pirates
   - Sky Pirates
   - Media Pirates
   - Bus Pirates


eli skipp
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