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Call for proposals -- PyCon 2011 -- <http://us.pycon.org/2011/>

Proposal Due date: November 1st, 2010

PyCon is back! With a rocking new website, a great location and
more Python hackers and luminaries under one roof than you could
possibly shake a stick at. We've also added an "Extreme" talk
track this year - no introduction, no fluff - only the pure
technical meat!

PyCon 2011 will be held March 9th through the 17th, 2011 in Atlanta,
Georgia. (Home of some of the best southern food you can possibly
find on Earth!) The PyCon conference days will be March 11-13,
preceded by two tutorial days (March 9-10), and followed by four
days of development sprints (March 14-17).

PyCon 2011 is looking for proposals for the formal presentation
tracks (this includes "extreme talks"). A request for proposals for
poster sessions and tutorials will come separately.

Want to showcase your skills as a Python Hacker? Want to have
hundreds of people see your talk on the subject of your choice? Have
some hot button issue you think the community needs to address, or have
some package, code or project you simply love talking about? Want to
launch your master plan to take over the world with Python?

PyCon is your platform for getting the word out and teaching something
new to hundreds of people, face to face.

In the past, PyCon has had a broad range of presentations, from reports
on academic and commercial projects, tutorials on a broad range of
subjects, and case studies. All conference speakers are volunteers and
come from a myriad of backgrounds: some are new speakers, some have been
speaking for years. Everyone is welcome, so bring your passion and your
code! We've had some incredible past PyCons, and we're looking to you to
help us top them!

Online proposal submission is open now! Proposals  will be accepted
through November 10th, with acceptance notifications coming out by
January 20th. To get started, please see:


For videos of talks from previous years - check out:


For more information on "Extreme Talks" see:


We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

Please also note - registration for PyCon 2011 will also be capped at a
maximum of 1,500 delegates, including speakers. When registration opens
(soon), you're going to want to make sure you register early! Speakers
with accepted talks will have a guaranteed slot.

Important Dates:
   * November 1st, 2010: Talk proposals due.
   * December 15th, 2010: Acceptance emails sent.
   * January 19th, 2010: Early bird registration closes.
   * March 9-10th, 2011: Tutorial days at PyCon.
   * March 11-13th, 2011: PyCon main conference.
   * March 14-17th, 2011: PyCon sprints days.

Contact Emails:
   Van Lindberg (Conference Chair) - van at python.org
   Jesse Noller (Co-Chair) - jnoller at python.org
   PyCon Organizers list: pycon-organizers at python.org
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