[Chicago] Job postings on the mailing list

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Apr 13 16:53:19 CEST 2011

    Brian> No response from the job poster?

Why should a company offering a job respond in a public forum to
unsubstantiated attacks?

Way back when, the various folks on the list decided that posting open
positions for the Chicago area would be okay.  It's a two-way street
though.  We allow them to post.  They expect that their postings will be
taken seriously and that their companies won't be denigrated in vague

If people start to give job posters a hard time for what appear to be
legitimate postings (I work with people who used to work for TT - I've never
heard anything bad about them), then they will likely be more hesitant to
post in the future, or you will get dry, HR-type, job postings which often
tell you little about the job other than how many buzzwords can be crammed
into an email.

If you don't want job postings, speak up.  If you would like to see job
postings, treat the posters with a respect.  After all, they will often be
people you'll be interviewing or working with should you apply for a

And as we all know the Internet is the mother of all elephants when it comes
to remembering things.


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