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Thu Apr 14 21:18:13 CEST 2011

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 14:00, Jordan Bettis <jordanb at hafd.org> wrote:

> I think we should continue to encourage (non recruiter) job postings
> here, and as such they probably don't deserve sarcastic responses. But
> this one did make sarcastic thoughts run through my head when I read it,
> and given the difficulty people have finding good programmers, it's
> worthwhile to consider why.
> The financial industry does have a long-standing bad reputation among
> programmers for working conditions. Also, while I have no doubt there
> are many financial institutions out there doing "God's work," given the
> events of recent years, it's difficult to see one mentioned without the
> question of their corporate mission running through one's head.
> Good programmers have the luxury of discriminating among potential
> employers based on working environment and corporate mission, so if
> you're writing job postings for companies in that sector, it's probably
> pretty important to be aware that readers are going to be thinking about
> that.
> Bagels and fuseball are not perks. Mentioning them as if they were does
> not make you look good. It's like, I might have a restaurant that serves
> food on plastic trays, and that's perfectly valid way to serve food, but
> if that's part of my business I shouldn't play up that aspect in my
> marketing as if it were a benefit to the customer. It just makes me look
> cheap *and* oblivious.
> On the other hand, telecommuting *is* a valuable perk. I assume, when
> you say "we do the office thing" that what you mean is you don't allow
> employees to telecommute (since every company "does the office thing").
> If that's your policy that's fine, but people (especially nerds) don't
> like sugarcoating. If there's a valuable perk you don't offer, be frank
> about it "we don't allow telecommuting."

Is there a reason people want to keep piling on the job that I tried to
offer to the list?

Please start a new thread to discuss topics that have nothing to do with the
original topic.
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