[Chicago] ANN: ChiPy at crowdSPRING Thu December 8, 7p

Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 17:00:57 CET 2011

ChiPy *noun* \ˈchi-pē\: Chicago Python User Group

When: 7 PM Thursday December 8, 2011
Where: crowdSPRING

This will be our Best Meeting Ever!

Like Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," ChiPy will have a unique look into
crowdSPRING (http://www.crowdspring.com/) The world's #1 marketplace for
logos and graphic design.  We will have: ghost of crowdSPRING Past, Tal;
 ghost of crowdSPRING present Chris Detmer, John Yang; and ghost of
crowdSPRING future, Adriano Marquez.

Creative types welcome, hard core dev's welcome... tis the season.

Don't be a scrooge, invite a friend.

You will need to RSVP at http://chipy.org/
Quick Links:
YES http://chipy.org/meetings/rsvp/42/yes
MAYBE http://chipy.org/meetings/rsvp/42/maybe

If you have troubles RSVP just send me a note :)

 1. 7:00 PyGI/GObject/Vala (Tal Liron)
 2. 7:30 Pizza (Paul May)
 3. 7:45 Optimizing Django Templates (Chris Detmer, John Yang )
 4. 8:15 Open Monitor and Mentoring Google Code (Adriano Marquez)


1. PyGI/GObject/Vala
Tal Liron
PyGObject is a new approach to designing native libraries for use with
Python, and indeed with almost any language under the sun, based on recent
innovations in the GObject library. Tal will present the underlying
mechanisms and show you, step by step, how to create such a native library
in C. We'll then write the same native library in the Vala language, and
discuss the implications of this exciting new language. The presentation
will include a fair-and-balanced comparison to SWIG: you'll have to come to
the talk to find out who wins.

2. Pizza
Paul May
Free as in free pizza and beer!

3. Optimizing Django Templates
Chris Detmer, John Yang
Techniques for caching using template includes, Django views, Varnish and

4. Open Monitor and Mentoring Google Summer of Code
Adriano Marquez
Adriano (crowdSPRING) is a director of the Umit Project, an Open Source
organization that develops network administration and monitoring tools. We
have one specific project we're working on currently, that have some
interesting technical challenges, which is the Open Monitor, which is a
real time world wide monitor on internet availability. Adriano has also
being a mentor on the Google Summer of Code program since 2007.

1200 W. Lake Street
Chicago, IL  60607

Lake and Racine
on the second floor
West Loop


About the group
ChiPy is made up of people of all levels of programming and Python
knowledge. At every meeting we have had both beginning programmers,
people who are just starting to use Python, as well as experienced
Python programmers. Don't be intimidated about coming to a meeting.

Note that ChiPy is not a formal organization. We collect no dues,
elect no officers, and keep no roster. Signing up for the mailing list
carries no obligation. Nor does showing up at the meetings. Nor, at
least so far, does anything else we have done, although we always
appreciate it when our presenters show up. (They usually do!)

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