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This might sound like blatant promotion, so I'll keep it generic.  If you
get to
like Python enough to where you want some kind of certification or
credential in Python in particular (or MySQL, or Java...), check out
some of these for-credit sites.  Yes, most of them cost, though I expect
more OER stuff is coming.  Yes, this includes distance learning and
learn at your own pace.


In Chicago you're blessed with workshops by David Beazley, one
of the better Pythonistas out there, right up there with Wesley J. Chung.
Here in Portland (where I'm based, have only led one workshop in
Chicago **) we have Dylan Reinhardt* *and others, who teach Python
at community colleges and even an art school in one case (my
students have included teenagers as well as space scientists).


Just saying, as a beginner you might aspire to a career in
teaching.  Join us on edu-sig perhaps (a community list,
frequented by some known Chicago-based Python

I might start in Python 3, master the basics, then pick up the
idiomatic changes for Python 2 in a day, learn to love the old
ways (since many times, that's what you'll be using, on into
2020 and beyond).


** I joined ChiPy after Pycon / Chicago 2008 because it's
legendary and because I was going there for Pycon 2009.
I'm also on the Pinoy Python group and maybe some others.

On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 7:33 AM, Malcolm Newsome
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> Hey All!
> I’m new to Python (and programming in general) and looking to soak up as
> much knowledge as possible while meeting some great people.
> If you have any cool advice or challenges for a beginner, please shoot them
> my way!
> All the best!
> Malcolm
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