[Chicago] [ANN] Prudence 1.1: A RESTful web development platform for Python (and Scripturian, and Savory)

Tal Liron tal.liron at threecrickets.com
Sat Jul 23 02:21:15 CEST 2011

Hi ChiPy!

Thanks again for letting me present bits of these projects to you in the 
past. If there's any interest in any of this, I'd be more than happy to 
present specific topics. For example: template freaks have asked me how 
to integrate Python templating engines into Prudence. Not a problem: I 
can show you how easy it is to plug Mako in, and gain full use of 
Prudence's powerful caching and RESTful encapsulation.

Also: beer. Beer has nothing in particular to do with this announcement, 
but it definitely does not detract from it.


I'm very happy to announce the official release of Prudence 1.1.


Prudence is a container and platform for scalable RESTful web 
applications and services based on the JVM. It features powerful HTML 
generation, letting you insert Python scriptlets into web pages, or 
write RESTful resources in plain Python. Web pages are cached via a very 
flexible system integrated into the conditional HTTP phase, supporting 
memcached, MongoDB, SQL and Hazelcast backends.

Deployment-by-zip is quick and easy. Logging is preconfigured and 
robust. Best of all, Prudence comes with a detailed 100-page 
Creative-Common-licensed manual, loaded with good advice for building 
scalable web applications and REST, quite useful for non-Prudence users, 

Release 1.1 is "cloud ready": Prudence instances can automatically 
discover each other and form a cluster, where state can be shared, and 
asynchronous tasks can be launched anywhere in the cluster. A cloud of 
100 nodes has been tested on EC2!

Enjoy, create, contribute! And join the Prudence Community group for 
special magical powers.



This related project may be of special interest Python developers, who 
might not have a use for Prudence as a whole.

Scripturian is a robust alternative to JSR-223 (Java Scripting), 
providing a very clear threading model and error model where JSR-223 
defines none. Additionally, Scripturian takes care of 
text-with-scriptlet situations, parsing and combining as necessary. 
Scripturian makes it especially easy to integrate JVM languages into 
projects that require clear threading models for high-concurrency 

Scripturian currently supports Jython, Jepp, JRuby, Groovy, Clojure, 
Rhino and Quercus.



Prudence also has a JavaScript flavor, and for it we've released an 
especially comprehensive MongoDB-centric development framework, 
featuring especially comprehensive Ext JS and Sencha Touch integration. 
The list of features is kinda mind-boggling, so I'll let you browse and 
read if you're interested:


Why is it based on Prudence's "Savory JavaScript" flavor and not the 
"Succulent Python" flavor? Good question! We need YOU, NOW to port 
Savory into Succulent.

The good news is that Prudence lets you run all flavors together, so 
it's quite possible (and even recommended) to use Python code with the 
Savory JavaScript code in the same project. Use the best language for 
the task at hand.


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