[Chicago] Kickstarter Fund to get rid of the GIL

sheila miguez shekay at pobox.com
Mon Jul 25 15:51:45 CEST 2011

On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 11:51 AM, Alex Gaynor <alex.gaynor at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'll live :)  Anyway, the point I was getting is not that a message passing
> system is not scalable, I've written code for Blue Gene/Ls so I know that
> message passing scales.  But rather that, for problems for which
> shared-memory concurrency is appropriate (read: the valid cases to complain
> about the GIL), message passing will not be, because of the
> marshal/unmarshal overhead (plus data size/locality ones).
> ALex

Are jobs for Blue Gene where there would be fairly sizable data
packets a rare use case? I don't know a lot about the typical use
cases, and am curious. I'm guessing the common case would be where
they would do analysis on things that could be split out, but am
curious about the size of the chunks of information.


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