[Chicago] [Employment Opportunity] Django/Python developer needed at Excelerate Labs

Gretchen Goodrich gretchen at aspaceapart.net
Tue Jul 26 00:33:52 CEST 2011

Hi all, throwing this one out there...Brantley Harris is our lead programmer
and we need another dev to get us to Demo Day.  This would be part-time, in
office at Excelerate.  Hope to hear from ya!

Gretchen Goodrich
A Space Apart
(773) 931-6884

A Space Apart is a seed-funded startup company with an established team, and
we're looking for a web developer to help get our product to Demo Day
(August 31st).  We are looking for innovators who love to solve problems and
create awesome, fast, easy to use apps.  The ideal candidate will have
Django and Python skills and would also be comfortable working with
HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Git.

A Space Apart is an event platform that uses social graphs to help people
meet each other at meetings and conferences.  In acres of event space and
thousands of people, it's a roll of the dice that you'll make the right
connections.  A Space Apart narrows that crowded field down to a shortlist.

Some things you might do during your day:

    * Program new website features in Python
    * Take HTML templates and incorporate them into Django templates
    * Write unit and functional tests
    * Participate in agile development using Pivotal Tracker
    * Implement APIs for various social sites (like LinkedIn, Klout and
    * Code JavaScript interactions
    * Participate in the design process
    * Take a Photoshop design, and turn it into HTML/CSS
    * Problem solve and learn new technologies, collaborate closely with

You'll be working in an open and energized incubator environment (Excelerate
Labs) with a highly motivated team.  This is a contract-for-hire position
with a negotiable hourly rate. 

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