[Chicago] Kickstarter Fund to get rid of the GIL

David Beazley dxb251 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 24 19:29:52 CEST 2011

> On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 1:40 PM, David Beazley <dxb251 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Your youth and inexperience is the only reason would make a statement that ignorant.
> This statement is rude, inappropriate, and a personal attack. There
> are many other ways you could have said it. Including, "You may find
> that", etc. This is a technical list, not and excuse to be rude to
> others because of their opinions.
> I say this without taking into account the technical merit of either
> of your opinions.

I apologize for the tone of my response.  Just so you know, I know Alex personally and think he's probably one of the most brilliant hackers I've ever met.   In fact, I'll go so far to say that if anyone is going to fix the GIL, it will probably be Alex.   However, I also enjoy giving him a hard time--the intent of my comment was nothing more than that (admittedly, it might have been phrased a bit better).

That said, I still think the original quote about IPC and performance is way off the mark.


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