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> The best part is that we could get cuban hotel food!

That's a whole other thread for when the time comes.

There's a media campaign to defend Cuba against fast food chains, on the
same logic Disney World uses to keep out KFC or whatever competitors
(Vatican likewise).

"Slow food" is popular in Europe as well, a kind of blowback as this aspect
of USA culture is somewhat despised in many zip code areas (97214 included).

Picture of me outside Cuban restaurant with Alex Aris and physicist Bob


An entire city that's McDonald's Free is a tourism / convention destination
just for that reason among some elites.

I know some geeks who'd like at least one of the food lines at some of these
conferences to feature raw vegan, other such options, made by other geeks
(O'Reilly has a new cookbook).

http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596805890 (raw vegan is a main feature of the
Blue House diet, where we have offices **).

OSCON featured Ben & Jerry's ice cream, hardly vegan, but a Unilever product
(one of the companies with a presence in Cuba).

Such experiments, overlapping with "quantified self movement", are already a
part of the health and lifestyles track at OSCONs, although it's so far more
talking than doing at the conference itself.

I did go through an inflated obstacle course in one of the time slots at
OSCON 2011.

Other activities included a kind of horizontal bungee game and a log rolling
exercise (all inflatables).  I'm sure you can find pictures of these games.


Anyway, I won't keep adding to this thread on ChiPy as I think we've got it
in the ballpark and details might be hashed out elsewhere (e.g. Diversity).

Ciao for now, back to lurking,

Kirby Urner
thekirbster @ Flickr
follow @psf_snake on Twitter

** including last night, Chairman Steve (PSF) one of our dinner guests,
always game to try something new
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