[Chicago] ANN: ChiPy Google Thu June 9, 7p

Carl Karsten cfkarsten at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 21:58:53 CEST 2011

When: 7 PM Thursday June 9, 2011
Where: Google 

Join us for the Best Meeting Ever!

 1. 7:00 Using OpenCV with Python and ROS (Bill Mania)
 2. 7:45 new web2py features (Massimo Di Pierro)


1. Using OpenCV with Python and ROS 
Bill Mania
A brief presentation of using the OpenCV computer vision toolset with Python and ROS. Included at the end will be a demonstration of tracking a colored object using a camera with servo-driven pan and tilt capability.

2. new web2py features 
Massimo Di Pierro
- wizard
- versioning
- digitally signed callbacks
- federated authentication
- multi-tenancy


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