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Kent Gormat kgormat at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 07:32:16 CET 2011


We're in need of a senior Python developer / consultant to assist us with
the evaluation and completion of a very purpose built ecommerce platform. In
many respects the project details are quite simple, however, there is a
significant performance aspect involved. The platform will support in excess
of 4 million SKU's which are stored in MongoDB for performance reasons and
to ease horizontal scalability. Transactional data is stored in PostgreSQL
and is subsequently passed to an ERP system using an extremely simple API.
Content management is still an outstanding issue, however, we feel that
Django may be an appropriate choice.

I can add a great deal of clarity about the project via email or a phone
conversation. The project scope is well defined and broken into 3 distinct
phases. The delivery date for the first 2 phases is approximately 60 days
from commencement which is expected to be within 2 weeks.

To summarize, knowledge of the following is required:

PostgreSQL (negotiable)

The work can be performed remotely, but please note that occasional
in-person meetings will be required (we'll travel to you). Rate-wise, there
is a great deal of flexibility and premium rates are available to candidates
who closely meet the requirements and possess a solid understanding of
ecommerce system design.

For the sake of disclosure, I am the end user, not a recruiter. Interested
parties may reach me directly at kgormat /at/ gmail.com.

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