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John Shafaee john.shafaee at quattrosource.com
Tue May 17 00:03:09 CEST 2011

Hello All,

We're a Chicago based python shop looking for a few skilled python
developers. Please see below for the details. Send resumes to
jobs at quattrosource.com.



Job Description and responsibilities:
Quattrosource is seeking talented individuals with experience in programming
Linux based systems and technologies. The projects are fully comprehensive
systems with user interfaces, complex business logic and back-end workflow
processing for heavy data analysis and processing. The topics include:

   - Systems development automation
   - Large volume email sending/tracking
   - Web analytics gathering
   - Social media data analysis
   - Machine learning and natural language processing

Most topics dealing with extremely large volumes of data originating from
several different data providers.

The systems employ many different technologies including:

   - Python, including Django and NLTK
   - Relational and non-relational databases, including MySQL, MongoDB,
   - Cloud computing on open source stacks like Hadoop, HDFS and PIG
   - Web applications, including HTML5 and dynamic client-side functionality

Selected candidates will have the opportunity to contribute to various parts
of each project and gain hands-on experience with cutting edge technologies.

You will be working alongside senior developers locally and at remote
development centers to design/write code and deliver working systems based
on design requirements which you will help determine. Candidates must be
independent and demonstrate strong problem solving skills.

This is a hands-on role at a small but rapidly growing company. We’re
currently seeking candidates for full time employment but will also consider
candidates seeking contractual opportunities as well. If you’re looking to
work with other technologists who embrace and encourage working with new
technologies, this will be a great environment for you.

The Ideal Candidate:
We look for a strong background in programming and a solid understanding of
the Linux operating system. Strong understanding of networking and systems
technologies is a plus as many projects will involve systems with Bash and
other related automation technologies.

The following minimum skills are required:

   - At least three years of professional experience, demonstrated by
   - Proficient with at least one OO programming language: Python
   (preferred), Java, C/C++, etc.
   - Solid grasp of core computer science foundations including algorithm
   design, data structures, program flow, operating system concepts and
   computer architecture
   - Database schema design, programming SQL and stored procedures
   - Distributed programming knowledge is a major plus: map/reduce, SOA,
   - Experience developing automation scripts and building scalable systems
   - Good written and oral communication skills
   - Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

About the Company:
Quattrosource is an enterprise consulting firm focusing on the design and
development of large-scale data processing applications, high performance
computing and enterprise-grade hosted applications.  We are currently
working with a number of major companies in the Chicago area, on projects
ranging from initial technology assessment and proof of concept exploration
to development and operation of full production systems.

The company was established in 2001 by a group of local technologists with
the goal of taking cutting-edge technologies and applying them in novel ways
to real-world problems.  Much of our work involves early adoption of new
technologies. We are strong proponents of the open source movement and base
most of our projects on an open source stack.

To Apply:
Please e-mail resumes and/or cover letter to jobs at quattrosource.com
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